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Experiencing irritated eyes, throat, or nose, maybe even a numerous amount of sudden headaches or fevers, this can all be a result of bad ventilation in a home. Having good ventilation in a home is crucial for someone’s wellbeing. Having ventilation in a home can remove lingering odors from pets, cooking and more. Ventilation is also important, due to the fact that it controls the amount of moisture in a home. When there is adequate ventilation in a home; moisture build up will be minimal, leaving the floor, walls, or wood in the home dry. Improper ventilation can cause moisture to accumulate rotting away the drywall, and wood. Not only will inadequate ventilation cause moisture to ruin a home, but it will also be the foundation for mold. Exposure to mold can cause a number of negative effects to a person. So in order assist a home in having exceptional ventilation, looking into bath fans, attic ventilators, and axial fans are a must

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Bath Fans

Bath fans are designed to improve air quality while adding comfort. In order to accomplish this bath fans must vent moist air quickly to the outside. Bath fans are used to remove problems related with high humidity such as mildew growth, mold, and humid mirrors. Bath fans come in a wide variety of styles, including some with lights, heaters, night lights, motion sensors and more. The ability for a fan to move air is measured by Cubic Feet per Minute, or “CFM” When purchasing a bath fan there is a rule of thumb, every square foot is equal to one Cubic Foot per Minute. So a 50 Square Foot bathroom would need a bath fan with 50 CFM in order to have adequate ventilation.

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Air Curtains

The purpose of an air curtain is to keep the inside in and the outside out. Air curtains are mounted above an entry way of a home, or business, and act as a barrier in that opening. This barrier is accomplished by exerting air downwards at a high velocity. When a door is open the air curtain turns on, decreasing air flow from the outside to the inside and vice versa. Air curtains are enhanced to minimize the entry of outdoor pollutants, dust, insects, and fumes from vehicles. Air curtains also provide a barricade so that indoor air won’t escape, saving energy.

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Ceiling Fans

It’s a scorching day out, you arrive at home, exhausted, trying to evade the heat. You walk inside, flip a switch, and begin to exhale as you feel the cool air from your ceiling fan wrap around your body. Ceiling fans feature the versatility of being mounted practically anywhere on a ceiling, including outdoors. Relax outside on your porch, patio, or deck as you let the comfortable cool breeze from a Broan Outdoor Ceiling Fan relax you.

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Range Hoods

One of the most resourceful appliances in a kitchen, a range hood is used to extract air pollution caused by cooking. Range hoods help maintain clean air quality by capturing and exterminating the contaminated air at the source. Have you ever had to deal with pesky sticky substance that accumulates over your countertops and cabinets? Well thanks to the range hoods ability to filter out airborne grease, long hours of scrubbing and using cleaning chemicals in the kitchen will be a thing of the past. Avoid the hassle of smoke and steam fogging your vision while you cook, range hoods have a powerful suction that clears that right up, all it takes is a push of a button.

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Attic Ventilators

An attic ventilator is a ventilation fan that blows heated air out of the attic. Homes during the summer time can reach temperatures upwards of 120 degrees, causing your home to warm up, increasing your air conditioners work load, making it less efficient. Attic ventilators come with two different power sources, one being the electrical, and the other being solar powered. Attic ventilation in a home year round can assist in minimizing moisture during the winter, while aiding in lowering the temperature of your home during the summer.

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Inline Fans

Inline fans are used to exhaust stale and polluted air. Typically connected in between ducts, inline fans are the ideal solution for expelling areas were you can’t install an exhaust fan. The inline fan is placed in the ductwork, where it then draws in the stale air. The stale or polluted air then travels through the ducts and eventually is released from your home.

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Axial Fans

An axial fan is used for spot cooling and ventilation in small areas or in areas that do not have room for bigger fans. Axial fans use their blades to blow air across their axis in a linear direction. The powerful blades on these fans force the air to move parallel to the shaft. Axial fans come in numerous sizes, and are used in a wide variety of areas, from small electrical equipment to giant wind tunnels.

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Centrifugal Duct Fans

Sturdy, quiet, reliable, and capable of operating in multiple conditions, these are some of the features that are associated with a centrifugal fan. Created for moving air and other gases, a centrifugal fan is a mechanical device that uses kinetic energy from its rotating blades to put an increase of pressure on the air. Centrifugal duct fans are typically used in ventilation systems for buildings, and can also be used in central heating and cooling systems.